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Having your house foreclosed on is a very stressful thing. Many people that are facing foreclosure, think they can avoid it by not doing nothing and putting their head in the sand. But the banks and lenders don’t care. They will foreclose and take your house. I know this all too well, because I have been in the same situation. Read my story below…

How We Lost Our Forever Dream House to Foreclosure

Years ago me and my wife lost a home to foreclosure.It was a beautiful house that we considered our dream home. It had everything that we needed in a home for us and our growing family. 

Then we fell on bad times, my small business was not bringing in the money that it once did. So we missed one house payment, then two house payments. When i looked up we were 4 payments behind, and that’s when the foreclosure notice came. We tried to make up the payments, but we could not make the payments and feed our family at the sametime. This is an all to common situation for many us, then and now.

The bank went through the foreclosure process and we had to move and find another place that we could afford as soon as possible. So we found an apartment and move in there.

This process was devastating to us, but it could have been worse, we could have been homeless like so many others that had lost there homes due to foreclosure at that time.

Foreclosure Ruins Your Credit

Once your house is foreclosed on, your credit will be ruined. Foreclosure is a very serious delinquency, and one that will stay on your credit report for up to seven years (typically from the date of filing). 


Stop Foreclosure Before It Happens

If you are facing foreclosure, we offer few solutions so that you can save your credit.

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