selling your house in louisiana

Selling Your House in Louisiana | 5 Things To Fix Before You List

Selling Your House In Louisiana

Are you thinking about selling your house in Louisiana ? If so, you will likely be making some fixes and upgrades to the home in order to get it listing-ready. But not all repairs are created equal. You don’t want to make expensive repairs that offer little to no return.

We have put together our list of 5 things to fix before you list your Louisiana home!

1) Look Down:
Renovate Flooring

Even old, damaged, and tired flooring can be dealt with for a relatively low cost. Fix cracked tiles, repair major scratches to hardwood and clean or rip out old carpeting. Even if the floors underneath are nothing to look at, leaving old, dirty and stained carpet is a huge turn-off. If the floors are in rough shape, an area rug can always help to cover up the damages. Also, if you are leaving the carpets as is, have them professionally cleaned to remove any stains or odors you might be overlooking.

2) Look Up:
Repair or Replace Roofing

Now fix any damage to the roof. Begin repairing leaky parts and any water damage to the ceiling. Water stains on the ceiling and walls will be huge red flags for potential buyers. They will immediately think there could be mold and much bigger problems with the home. So, fix these things before showing your house so you don’t scare off potential buyers!

3) Look Around:
paint walls

The color of the walls can change the whole look and feel of the room. While the consensus says to stick with neutral tones, adding some warmth to a dark and cold feeling room will change the way people feel when they walk in. You want the colors to be warm and inviting. Find a balance between plain and boring and too bold and off-putting. Infuse some personality into the color scheme, but remember you want to appeal to a wide audience, not just those who share your color palette. Wallpaper is making a comeback. But not everyone is interested in prints on the walls. If you decide to leave wallpaper up, make sure it is a low-key print that isn’t going to dissuade people from enjoying the space.

4) Landscaping:

You can’t say enough about curb appeal. Studies have been done, saying people subconsciously decide if they are interested in buying a home within the first few seconds of seeing it. Your landscaping is your first chance to connect and appeal to potential buyers. Therefore, for a relatively inexpensive investment.  Adding some plants and cleaning up weeds and overgrowth, can make a huge impact on how fast your home sells. While bad landscaping can easily be over looked with the perfect house. It is better to start out on the right foot. Making people excited about seeing more of the house, just by beautifying the outside!

Kitchen & Bath:
Renovate Kitchen renovate bathroom

They say these areas ultimately sell the house. However, it is not necessary to complete major remodels or renovations to make the areas really pop. Small fixes in these spaces can add serious value to your home. Refinish or paint old cabinets to give them new life. Resurface your countertops and tiles. You can even refinish your tub and shower. You can also add new fixtures, including faucets, drawer pulls, doorknobs and cabinet handles. Doing these things can make a dated space feel modern and fresh almost instantly!

Fix Before You List Bonus: Lighting

Adding great lighting to the area will help to sell your home. Always make sure areas are well lit, and are filled with warm light… Nothing too bright or hard on the eyes!


Of course….. if you don’t want to do ANYTHING at all and just sell your house “As Is” without the hassle of repairs, contact us below!


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