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Here is the situation, we are a group of investors that buy and sell houses locally. Right now we have buyers that need a house, but the problem is that they don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage from the banks. Which by the way neither does 81% of the applicants in America. We help these potential buyers to qualify to purchase a home. There are great houses all over the area that are sitting empty or being lived in by the owner but needs to move or is finding it hard to sell. If you find yourself in situation and you want to sell your house fast without any fees…We can help you.

This is How Renting To Sell Your House The Smart Seller Way Works:With our Smart Seller program you would be renting to own the property to us. You never deal with any tenants. We would be taking care of all the maintenance of the house. Paying the mortgage (if you have one). This includes the Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance.We agree upon a sales price for the home, which will be paid in 36 months or whatever we negotiate. We get one of our Tenant Buyers into the property. Our tenants are go through a screening process and background check. This is to make sure we are not putting the wrong people into the house. Which would defeat the purpose.Our Tenant Buyers tend to take care of the property better than a regular renter because they see it as their property, because they know that they will eventually purchase the home. As stated earlier, you will have a written agreement with our company that makes us responsible for repairs to the house. So if the furnace goes out, we fix it or if the toilet stops up, you won’t get a call you in the middle of the night. It saves a lot of landlord headaches.By the way, none of this costs you a dime. We are paid by the buyer.

As far as price goes…It doesn’t really matter to me how much you want for it, but if we put it much over market value, I won’t be able to find a Tenant Buyer.

Instead of you paying expenses every month, you will now be getting a check each month for your property, without any hassles or obligations. Plus you still get the same Tax Advantages (write off taxes) because you still own the house. 

If you are interested, please let me know. We can talk in person and I’ll answer any of your questions. As soon as you give me the okay, I’ll send out an email to my list about your house. I have sold houses in one day with this list, so don’t be surprised if things happen pretty fast after you give me the okay.

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The Benefits to Renting To Own Your House​Smart Seller Wealth Builder

No Property Management Fees – No Appraisal Fees – No Inspections – No Realtor Commissions or Fees

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or familial status.