Tired of Being a Landlord?

Being a landlord has its benefits, but…DOES ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Are you tired of the management of tenants, the maintenance of the property(s)? Have little cash flow from the property because of maintenance. You are no longer interested in being a landlord. I have inherited property but do not want to be a […]

The Better Way To Sell Your Home in Louisiana

Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home Are you planning on selling your Louisiana house? Before you commit to an agent or try to sell it on your own, learn about the new way to sell your home in Louisiana! For most people, the thought of selling their Louisiana house will likely involve the MLS and the help of […]

Stop Foreclosure | Apply for a Short Sale

stop foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure Stop Foreclosure. Short selling a house is selling a house for less than the value of the mortgage. In some circumstances, a lender will allow you to pursue a short sale, but it isn’t typical. The lender has to be convinced that you are experiencing undue financial hardship and that you could short […]

Selling An Inherited Home In Louisiana, What To Do?

Selling Inherited Home Louisiana

Selling Inherited Home Louisiana Should I Keep It, Sell It… What To Do Next? Here’s a few important considerations to help you make the right decision: 1) Make sure the mortgage is paid. This may sound obvious.  But if the person who left you a property also had a mortgage (unless it had no mortgage […]

Selling Your House in Louisiana | 5 Things To Fix Before You List

selling your house in louisiana

Selling Your House In Louisiana Are you thinking about selling your house in Louisiana ? If so, you will likely be making some fixes and upgrades to the home in order to get it listing-ready. But not all repairs are created equal. You don’t want to make expensive repairs that offer little to no return. […]

Closing Cost | The Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Home

closing cost

Learn what the hidden costs are when selling a house. The average homeowner spends $18,342 in extra or “hidden” costs associated with selling a home. The biggest “hidden” expenses are closing costs, which total $13,357 for the median-valued U.S. home. In San Jose, closing costs for the median valued home total $74,927, while in Indianapolis […]