Did You Know That You Have Options When Selling Your House?

About 97% of homeowners think that a house can only be sold by using a real estate agent and selling at a higher price than what they bought it for.

The goal of selling the house is to make a profit. Sometimes that is just not the case. Here is a breakdown of the situation that many sellers that contact us are going through.

You have just bought a house a few years ago and need to sell it for whatever reason. 

Let’s say you bought the house for $160,000 three years ago and have been making your payments. When you look at your mortgage balance you still owe $152,861. This only leaves you with a little equity in the house. You will use that equity to pay the closing costs, fees, and agent commissions. Then you will have to use the remainder from the sale to pay off the mortgage balance.

Mortgage Info:
Initial Purchase Price: $160,000
30 Year Mortgage at 5.25% interest rate.
Nothing Down.
The monthly payment is $883.00

Amortization of Payments for 3 Years

After 3 Years:
Current Market Value of the House: $161,000
Cost to sell the house (10%): = -$16,100
You are left with: $144,900
(This would be the amount you would get if you did not have a mortgage balance to payoff).

What you pay to sell your house:
Selling Price: $161,000
after 3 years of ownerships

Mortgage Paid at Closing
Mortgage Balance Payoff: $152,861

Because what you have to pay versus what you had to sell the property for, you will have to come to closing with $7,961 just to get out of the house.

Instead of making money, you are losing money.

This is why we provide 3 options for someone to sell their house fast. Learn more below.

3 Easy Ways To Sell Your House

There isn’t only one way to sell your house.
Every situation is different and that is why F8 Property Solutions is prepared to offer you multiple options to sell your house. 
We want YOU to make the decision that works best for you!

Option 1

Get Cash for Your House

With this option we buy the house from you all cash…AS-IS. There are No Fees, No Realtor Commissions, No Repairs Needed. We Pay Your Closing Costs. You get paid in 30 days or less
This works best if you are not upside down on your mortgage. Meaning you do not owe more than what the house is worth.

Option 2

We Take Over Debt of The House

With this option you get to walk away from the monthly house payments and your credit will not get ruined. We will make the payments directly to the bank every month. This works best if you are behind on payments and/or owe back taxes on the house.

Option 3

Lease With Option To Buy

With this option we lease the house from you and pay your monthly note with an option to purchase the house at the price you want. Plus we handle the maintenance and expenses of the house.

This works best if you are not behind on your house payments., but still want to sell the house.

We have helped people in all kinds of situations

From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all kinds of other situations.
Sell your house fast for cash or use one of our other options.

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